Michael Molinet


Before You Were Born

How many things do we do for and how much do we think about our children before they are born? Such a foundation of love is laid down with the expectation of the new arrival. I think that when children see photographs of their moms and dads and ask "Where was I?",  they can be assured that they were loved even before they arrived in this world.  The book was never meant to make a political statement but I think it touches on some truths that are hard to ignore.

My wife and I actually started writing this book on our honeymoon. I remember sitting at a little outdoor cafe in Burlington, Vermont being excited about the ideas we were exchanging; feverishly sketching what I was seeing in my head and jotting down words that just seemed to flow perfectly. It was until years later, after we had kids that I got around to editing and illustrating the book. Armed with that experience we where able to refine our early ideas in to a great book. The sheer delight of being able to collaborate with my beautiful bride made this one of the most rewarding projects I have worked on!