Michael Molinet

ILLUSTRATOR: Characters and Concepts

Digital art. I love it. I hate it. Almost all my professional commissions now are rendered, in the end, digitally. Even my book illustration has gone the route of the pixel. I visited Norman Rockwell's studio this summer and the energy of the man's genius was still palpable. His brushes, easel; reference books, customs...even his last Coke all there, in real life. I wonder how Mr. Rockwell would have adapted to the advent of digital painting. 


In any case, as more and more clients ask me to render characters and concepts for their particular project(s), and as I attempt to keep pace, I avail myself to the expediency of the medium. Ultimately like any professional I make it work for me to satisfy the realization of the vision at hand. I thought it only right to begin to set up a category committed to the digital brush. I have dropped a few vignettes in from some of my publishing work to start off.

BTW I still create in acrylic, oil and watercolor; pen and pencil. It is visceral...dirty, smelly and gloriously liberating after a day in front of a sterile computer screen. Norman would approve.