Michael Molinet


I enjoyed the rare opportunity to come in on the ground floor of what has now become P28 Foods. It all started with P28 High Protein Bread.  I was hired as a Creative Dirrector for the brand. I was responsible for the original logo/identity development, packaging concept and design, POP display design as well as brand development, marketing ad illustration and copywriting. Over the course of five years the brand grew so successfully we branched out into bagels, wraps and peanut butter. Eventually because of my interest in other opportunities, plus the sheer size and variability of the workload I suggested to the board that we transition my part in P28 to a larger advertising firm. I fondly look back at my time with P28.  I am proud of my part I played in the brand's success and I am a better illustrator from the experience. Below is a very skeletal representation of the process, highlighting some different aspects of the work I did while with them.

In the Beginning...

I was commissioned to help the developers create an identity for their High Protein Bread. The original target was the dedicated fitness community (i.e. gyms, fitness celebs, sports programs etc.) The strategy was to use  the fitness community as a foundation and build the brand to eventually  disseminate P28 to the general public through corporate vendors. The idea of "formulated", the abbreviated "P28" name (28 grams of protein per 2 slices), the ultra fit "wheat-man" mascot were all developed around this concept.

I then designed the packaging for the product. I started on creating print and online banner ads. We hired a company to build our site and another employee to increase our digital footprint through facebook etc. I designed a booth that we used to establish a presence at different fitness shows. I designed pop displays as we slowly made headway into the retail markets.

 P28 Bread was selling well. One day in a product development meeting I suggested we use the P28 Whey Protien formula in bagels. The product developers' eyes' lit up at the prospect of expanding their brand. They had not thought (at least not yet) as how P28 would expand beyond their staple bread. From there the brand exploded. We eventually created a flatbread, peanut butter spread and pancake mix...all with the P28 High Protein brand.

Today P28 is P28 Foods. As they grew and their targets have shifted so has much of the P28 look. We started this transition as I announced I was moving on to other aspirations. I was able to work with the new advertising agency as we reinvented the P28 brand to enter its next stage of life. The owner of the ad agency was genuinely surprised I would give up such a lucrative account but it was time. All things have a season.